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"You Are a Writer"

Photo Credit: Robert Carrey - Quills Conference Photographer

On August 24th and 25th I attended my very first writers conference. *Enter giddy squealing here!*  Back in July when Burke and I were in Denver, he came back from one of his conference classes full of motivation to pursue his dreams.  As we discussed my own goals to get more serious about my writing, he suggested that I look into attending a conference of my own.  We browsed the internet and found a conference in Salt Lake the following month, but upon looking at the cost, I downplayed my excitement at the idea and side stepped a decision with a noncommittal, "Maybe next year."

Fast forward to Monday, August 13th.  We had enjoyed a Back to School dinner with the Broadbents and Petersens and waved them off for the night.  After getting our littles ready for bed, Burke gave each of the children a Father's Blessing, a school tradition we have carried over from our own families growing up.  When he finished with t…

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