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#12 - The Journey with Twins: Dad's Tribute

The night before the memorial my parents came into town and stayed the night at our home.  My Dad is extremely gifted musically and has written a song for each new grandchild when they are born to be played privately to the parents and child when they visit for their baby blessing.  Each song is an absolute treasure, priceless to the family and, specifically, the grandchildren, who feel so loved to have these special songs written just for them.

That night, Dad played for me the duet he had written for my boys.  He confessed that as Mom had been away helping me through our difficult pregnancy, loss and delivery that he spent many nights praying and weeping over the keys of the piano, the music expressing for him what his aching heart could not verbalize.  The song was absolutely beautiful and the words were both comforting and heart wrenching.  My parents and I wept through the whole piece, making it impossible for Dad to play it how he intended.  The next day, he and my brother-in-l…

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