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Choosing Aiden's Headstone

In January I decided it was time to finally visit a headstone shop and begin the process of picking a marker for Aiden's grave.  It had been at the back of my mind for months, but I kept putting it off as choosing and placing a headstone made everything feel so much more final and real.  I kept finding other projects and pressing concerns, but one day I abruptly decided it was time and that it needed to be done now.  I called one of the two memorial shops in town and scheduled an appointment for that afternoon directly after Burke got off of work.  I then called Burke to notify him of the plan.  He was caught off guard as we hadn't even discussed what we wanted, but agreed to have me pick him up and head over right after work.

After I made the phone calls, I busied myself, trying my best to stay in control of my emotions and accept the necessity of this action.  On the way to Burke's office I checked the mail and found this butterfly key chain and card from my little siste…

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