March Happenings 2014

Still trying to get caught up.  Afraid it might never happen!  Here's a few highlights from March.

1. We had such a mild winter here in Cedar City and Spring was upon us by the end of February with beautiful sunshine filled days.  We spent a few Sunday afternoons after church laying on a blanket out in our new backyard reading together while Daphne ran from one end of the yard to the other.  Here's my view from the blanket of our darling little lady running to and fro.

2. And then, right after our fruit trees budded, winter made another appearance.  Rude.

3. Our darling niece, Elise was born to Cassie and Dan in March.  I cannot believe I haven't taken a single picture with her yet.  She has the most delicious cheeks and makes me baby hungry like crazy!  There is nothing more serene in this world than snuggling a newborn babe.  Here's her lovely birth announcement.

4.  To give Cassie some time with baby, Burke and I took one of his flex schedule days, went to St. George for a temple trip and then collected Hallie and Millie for a trip to the new Children's Museum where we met up with Cath, Mat and their girls too.  It was a lot more crowded this time around than on our first visit, but the kids still had a great time.  Daph cracked us up as she paraded around in that purple robe, dragging it all over.

5. Several windy afternoons flying kites at the park behind our house.

6.  Went bowling on a weeknight when we just needed to get out of the house.  Daph was a total ragamuffin, but still loved it.

7. Daphne became obsessed with gum this month and constantly asks for a piece to chew.  I've had to turn it into a reward to get her to do undesirable tasks.  Predictably, gum ended up in the hair one night.  Awesome.

8. We celebrated St. Patty's Day with my first EVER attempt at making corned beef and cabbage, along with my Mom's clever dish of rainbow fruit.  Next year I will crockpot the beef all day so it's more tender and moist.  We also danced a jig to "The Wearin' of the Green" and called it good.  Perhaps next year I will also get more ambitious and join my creative sisters as they make leprechaun traps with their children the night before.

9.  One thing I love about living in Cedar is the chance to spend more time with Mike and LeeAnn's girls.  I tended all 4 of them on Saturday while LeeAnn was at a funeral and found this sweet message on the whiteboard after they left.  Love that sweet Sadie!

10) This month we also bought the piano music to Frozen.  I'm not good enough to play it well, but Daph indulges me with the "Let It Go" ballad every few days despite my lack of talent.  I adore watching that kid spin around in a circle while belting every word to that song.  Burke also learned "In Summer" on the guitar and it's a daily tune around here as well.