Preggo Pictures

I've been wanting to take some more formal pictures of my belly before I got too massive, but things have been so busy that the weeks just keep rolling on by.  Finally, on Wednesday (my 30 week/7.5 month mark) night with just a half hour left of daylight, Burke and I met Cassie at the beautiful Tonaquint Nature Center and snapped a couple of preggo pictures to document this first pregnancy where everything is new and exciting!  

Burke was not a fan of this photo shoot at all.  He thinks it is weird that women spend so much time being critical of our bodies (especially during pregnancy) and then go take pictures of it!  He did not want to be in any of the photos, but I got him to pose for a handful before he put his foot down.  Thanks for being a good sport honey and humoring me!

It was a beautiful spring evening and it got me so excited to have our little one in my arms in just a matter of 10 weeks now!

A big shout out to my beautiful sister Cassie Jo.  We have had so much fun together throughout our pregnancies the past several months!  It has been such a comfort to be able to call Cassie with any of my questions and concerns and ask, " this normal?"  She is always so good about sharing her knowledge, but also letting me discover things at my own pace.  She has passed down the maternity clothes as she has grown out of them (thank heavens for lots of sisters or I would have been wearing Burke's Parowan t-shirts the past several weeks!) and is constantly encouraging me with the numerous changes my body is experiencing.  I cannot believe her sweet Amelia will be here in a matter of hours!  It will be so neat to have our little ladies only two months apart and to continue to learn from my sister through the years to come.  Thank you for all of your support Cassie and your example of a continual positive attitude.  I love you!


Mindy said…
Both you and Cassie look FANTASTIC and adorable! :)
I love them, your little body is still so teeny. I can totally picture Burke saying, "No way!" as he's laughing and taking the picture anyway. You'll love having those.
Anonymous said…
You are beautiful!!!!!