Supersize ME

I realized I had gained some weight, but had certainly not anticipated on a NINE pound gain since my last appointment!  Ah!  I guess I shouldn't be surprised after demolishing an entire sleeve of girl scout cookies in two days.  I was pretty upset at first, especially since my weigh-in was followed quickly by the news that I did not pass the preliminary test for gestational diabetes.  The nurse was pretty callous and left me in the room for twenty minutes after saying, "Ok, you didn't pass. You'll have to go to the hospital this week and take a three hour test where they draw your blood every hour. The doctor will be in shortly."  I know this stuff is standard for them, but I didn't realize what this all entailed and I let a few tears leak out over my chubby cheeks before the doc came in and explained everything.

First, he reminded me that I have only gained 15 pounds in 7 months, which is right on track for a total gain of 25-35 pounds by the end of the pregnancy.  Cassie also later reminded me that the baby is a couple of pounds right now, not to mention all the water weight and the growing organs that have gotten heavier as well.  I still feel large and in charge, but chilled out on the weight factor after those reminders.

Next, he calmed me down about the diabetes by saying that the sugar in my blood could possibly be from a sugary breakfast.  He's giving me one more chance on Thursday to fast and come in to check my blood again to see if my levels have lowered.  Lets all pray REAL hard that I pass this next time, because I absolutely could not poke myself with a needle every day otherwise.  It makes me sick just thinking of it!  I suppose we'll find out either way on Thursday.

I am also measuring a little big, but that may just mean I'm a little farther along than they predicted.  Little lady's heart is strong and healthy, that's the most important thing of all.

In other news, I had a monumental day in the kitchen yesterday where I cooked my first loaf of banana bread AND a quiche!  Now, to those of you master chefs out there, this is probably no big deal, but this is coming from the gal who didn't know how to brown meat when she got married.  I'm always too scared to cook something new, not wanting to make a mistake, but I decided yesterday that I am never going to get any better if I don't start trying.  The crust was a little weird on the quiche, but it tasted pretty good and the best part was how happy Burke was with my newfound courage.  I think he's been quietly suffering with my spaghetti and other quick meals for the past two years.  What a champ to never make me feel bad about it. :)   I will definitely be more brave in my baking in the future.  Beginner recipes and family favorites are more than welcome!


Erica and Daren said…
Oh Emily I can totally sympathize with you. Not about the diabetes thing, I passed that one. But the weight gain. I didn't "gain enough" the first half of my pregnancy but I've made up for it apparently now. Dang mini cadbury eggs...But here's a good story for you about the weighing part. One time(probably around 30 weeks or so) I knew I had put the weight on so I told the nice nurse(yes I like one more than the others...we've bonded over the past few months) that I wasn't going to look at it this time, it's just too depressing. So she informed, as if it would be helpful, that I still probably weigh less than my husband. I didn't want to ruin the lovely relationship we had by informing her my husband only weighs 130 so chances are, I'm a lot bigger than him ;)

As for cooking, I've got THOUSANDS of recipes in my brain. I love cooking and I think they're fairly easy. Don't be surprised if one day on facebook you get a large message from me containing some for you.
Shauna said…
You look adorable. Don't think much of the weight gain. Infact don't even pay attention to the scale. It's all baby! That's what I had to keep telling my self. I didn't pass the 1st test either. I had to go take the 3 hr test. My sugar levels calmed down for that one. Good luck with that one. I sure hope you pass. Your quiche and banana bread look tasty which I'm sure they were. Tell Burke we said hello! Take Care!
Olivia said…
Sorry about the diabetes thing! Hope you pass next time! But I promise, if you are faced with the situation of having to poke your fingers to test your glucose you can do it!!! I am the BIGGEST needle-phobe in the universe and I have been able to do the finger poke 8-12 times per day for the last 2 years :) I sure love you and love your baby updates!
Fob said…
Hey Em - I have been that way with ALL 3 of my girls - gain about 10 pounds in a month right about the time you did - I think it's just more baby than you :) loves -