It Can Be Done!

I grew up in a home where music played a prominent part in our lives.  I can't remember a time when we weren't singing - in the car, around the piano, while doing our chores, etc.  I love to sing and I have always felt that, while I don't have an extraordinary voice, I always felt confident in my abilities to carry a pleasant tune.

That is, until I got married and started being asked to preform.  It started with a solo in Relief Society one Sunday when I began thinking too much about the words.  I realized how incredibly indebted I am to Jesus Christ and the waterworks couldn't be withheld.  I started sobbing in front of the packed room and my piano player had to stop for like 30 seconds to wait for me to control myself, before I could finish and then 10 measures later I got overwhelmed again.  I was so embarrassed for making such a spectacle of myself, but there was hardly a dry eye in the audience and people were very kind to reassure me that the tears had added to the piece.  

A couple of months later (exactly two years ago), I got asked to sing at our stake's annual Relief Society Women's Conference, where you may remember in THIS post that midway through my song a woman in the audience passed out and they had to carry her out of the pew and I had to keep singing because my accompanist couldn't see what was going on. (The lady turned out just fine FYI)  Again, so awkward and embarrassing.  With over 500 women in attendance, I heard about that one for a long time.

When a third failed performance happened with me crying at a baptism a couple of months later, I decided I was jinxed and vowed I would never sing again!  But really, how can you say no when people ask?  Since then I've had 2 or 3 more times where tears invaded my songs, probably because I am so nervous now that the fear of crying again just solidifies that it will happen!

All of this background to say, I FINALLY proved to myself that I can sing a song successfully without a single hiccup!  Hooray!  Burke and I actually sang a duet at that same RS Women's Conference on Saturday and as you can imagine I was so nervous that I would mess it up yet again.  But it turned out so nicely and of course I just wanted to kiss on my hubby afterwards because his voice is one of my favorite things in this world! :)  Here's hoping this is the start of a new pattern!


The Burr's said…
You two did an Amazing job!! I didnt even know you were nervous:) glad your jinx is off!