Mumsie and Daddy

I was tickled pink when my Mom called last week and asked if she and Dad could come down for the weekend to see our new home and grandbaby #15.  In the past when my parents have come down, we have been in our little apartment in St. George, so logically, they have stayed at Cassie and Dan's house a few miles away in one of their spare bedrooms.  It was always lovely to have them in town no matter what, but this visit was probably one of my favorites because of all the one-on-one time we scored with them by having them stay at our house.  Although the visit was brief (Friday night to Sunday after church) we enjoyed several long conversations and yummy meals, a trip to St. George where they got to spend a few hours with the Ridings while we dashed up to Parowan for our niece's baptism (yeah Sadie!) and luncheon, then it was back for a little shopping with the girls while Burke and Dad drove back to Mesquite for 18 holes of golf at the beautiful Falcon Ridge Course.  We also introduced them to "Corner Gas" (a witty Canadian sitcom), played a few competitive rounds of Banana Grams, and benefited from their generous offer to take Daphne with them during church so we could teach the Sunbeams sans the baby.  

I love being around my Mumsie and Daddy.  They both are so good at carrying on insightful and thought provoking conversations that leave me feeling like I've learned something new.  It's interesting how I have never felt like I am too old to kiss my parents goodnight or ask my mom for a back rub.  I adored watching them play and snuggle with our chubby Daphne.  It only took her a few short minutes to warm up to them - she must have instinctively known they are family.  It was so nice to see them both relaxed and to have such beautiful weather for them to enjoy while they were here.  Since Dad's cancer diagnosis last Thanksgiving, I feel that I am much more grateful for the time we get to spend together as a family and I was so happy to host them in our home.  Thank you for coming down Ma and Pa and making my month! :)