52 Dates: #23 - Pencil Portraits

For date night this week we decided to try our hand at something neither of us are very good at - drawing.  I'm always so impressed with people who can create beauty with varied mediums whether it be through crafts, food, artwork, photography, gardening, etc.  As seen by the button tree fail, this is just not one of my gifts, try as I may to improve!  

We sat down at the kitchen counter and watched a couple of youtube videos on drawing that truly weren't very helpful.  It's like trying to teach someone who's tone deaf how to harmonize over the phone.  Not happening.  So we bagged the tutorials and got to work.  Burke snapped a picture of me with his phone and I tried to copy one of him from a family photo in the room.  

Here are the masterpieces in all their crinkled computer-paper glory.



You mean you don't want to start selling prints on your etsy shop?  Rude.  
The best part is - we were really trying!  Drawing is harder than it looks ya'll!  
It definitely gave me new respect for our super accurate portrait drawn in Paris.

What, you don't think it looks like us?  Weird, I thought he was dead on.  
Still laughing about this two years later. :)


Whitney said…
Your drawings are much closer to how you both look than that fellow's. Let me guess, he isn't working with the Paris Police Department to create those criminal sketches? Or maybe he is, but he is being paid off by the French mob to purposefully draw badly.

I love reading about all of your fun dates. Dan and I really need to be better about breaking away from our usual ones.